Retro Game ROM NFTs from Japan



Retro Game ROM NFTs from Japan,
licensed, authentic, and now on the blockchain.


The MEMORIES Series of NFTs from 8-Mint
lets you collect an authentic piece of gaming history.

Straight out of Japan, birthplace of the games that launched an entire industry – a revolution in entertainment, interactivity, and hand-eye coordination.

The MEMORIES have returned!


 Hydlide (NES)

A masterpiece that contributed to the development of action RPGs in Japan. Still highly popular today.

 Zanac (NES)

A classic shooting game that can be enjoyed over and over again with the Auto Level Control function.

Märchen Veil (MSX2)

Early RPG ancestor, a prince cursed by a wizard, traveling labyrinthine levels, shooting magic at enemies through a mix of gameplay and proto cutscenes in visual novel style.

 Relics (MSX2)

One of the hottest titles of 1986, following a spirit who goes on adventures while being possessed by enemies.


ABOUT 8-Mint

We’re a collective of gamers, tech-lovers, artists, and curators, centered in Tokyo.

1970s, 1980s… a new universe dawns, thanks to a new generation of technological wizards wielding the magic of code. It was a fresh twist on alchemy in digital dimensions, transforming 8-bit color-coded building blocks into an existential revolution.

8-Mint has partnered with the legendary ROM archives at Project EGG to introduce MEMORIES, an exclusive series of NFT collectibles based on the coolest, rarest, most authentically awesome moments from the gaming archives.

It’s not that we’re stuck in the past, so much as that the past is stuck in us. It’s time to give one of the most innovative bursts of creativity in human history its rightful place in the eternal mode of NFT collectibles.

Now 8-Mint gives you the chance to own the official limited-edition NFTs of classic game ROMs from Japan.

8-Mint Collective Members

  • David Bennett

    David Bennett is a gamer techy nerdy Tokyoite, currently serving as CEO of NEC Personal Computers and President of Lenovo Japan. Helped NEC celebrate the 40th anniversary of the PC-8801 by launching the PC-8801 Mini. Serves on the board of Sanrio and is a visiting professor at Yamagata University. 


  • Evil Twin Shane

    Shane Bennett is a Toronto based full stack developer turned crypto enthusiast and blockchain programmer who has spent the majority of his career creating bespoke, custom applications for Fortune 100 companies. His love for retro video games and emerging blockchain technologies led him to the 8-Mint Creative Collective.

  • Lasergun Factory

    J. Scuderi / Lasergun Factory is a Digital/Crypto Artist based in Japan. His work can be found on BAE, MakersPlace, Known Origin and Foundation. Currently a Branding Officer at the Blockchain Art Exchange where he helped organize the first physical crypto art exhibit in Japan, ‘CrypTOKYO’ at UltraSuperNew Gallery in Harajuku.


  • Project Egg

    The go-to spot for Japanese retro video game ROMs. One-stop subscription service includes access to classic game music, emulators, and more.


  • Digital Will

    Development Studio
    and Marketing Agency
    and Game Publisher!



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